Internal Audit

Internal Audit

Lampsa Hellenic Hotels S.A

The activity of the company is supported by an efficient system of internal audit, in accordance with the policy of corporate management dictated by the Capital Market Commission, Greek Legislation and international directives and practices that define the corporate conduct of companies trading on the Athens Exchange. Management and employees alike should constantly demonstrate that every task within their respective area of competence is carried out with due sense of responsibility and transparency, so that the objectives of the system of internal control are accomplished.

More specifically, the main objectives of internal audit are:

  • Effective and productive accomplishment of business goals
  • Reliability of the system of administrative information and the accurate transmission of information to the general Public
  • Safeguarding of all business resources
  • Full compliance with legislation, policies and company procedures.

The necessary prerequisites for achieving the aforementioned objectives are:

  • The development of a common audit system
    The application of a uniform methodology for analyzing and assessing business risk
  • The timely and honest exchange and communication of information, both among employees and among departments
  • The adoption of fundamental principles of operation for every transactional procedure in the company
  • The systematic monitoring of all activities of the company and the assessment of their degree of success.
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