Corporate Management

Corporate Management

Lampsa Hellenic Hotels S.A

The outlook of LAMPSA HELLENIC HOTELS S.A. places emphasis on the customer, enforces the proper application of standards of operation and incites the adoption of principles of corporate management, the flat requirement of applicable legislation (Law 2190/1920, Law 3016/2002, L. 3884/2010, Law 3693/2008, etc.). It aims not only to compliance with the provisions of law 3873/2010, but also in improving information for private and institutional shareholders. Unbiased communication of information, independent management and the dynamic support of developmental initiatives and novelties in the context of self-adjusted control and risk-taking are instrumental in the creation of a modern and effective model of management, where contributions from all actively interested parties increase greatly the overall value of the company.

The company’s operational status is dependent upon:

  • Flexible and Specialized Executive Management
  • Fully developed Administrative Information and Communications Network
  •  A Code of Sound Business Practice
  • Company Regulations
  • Labor Organizational Chart

Lampsa ESG Report 2022