Mercury Excelsior Belgrade

Belgrade Hotel

Hotel Excelsior Beograd was constructed in 1921 and opened on March 15th 1924. The construction project is attributed to architects from Vienna. Initially, it was intended for a clinic, but during the construction it was re-projected into a hotel.

Due to historical and political occurrences, Hotel Excelsior Beograd was utilized for various uses. During World War II it housed the German General Staff while from 1945 till 1948 used to accommodate the Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry. It was only in 1948 when it returned to its original function and changed ownership from private to an ownership by the employees.

Finally Hotel Excelsior privatized in 2008 and currently have 80% of its shares owned by LAMPSA HELLENIC HOTEL S.A. Since the beginning of 2009, it went through an extensive refurbishment, but still savoring its classical exterior and the air of decades-long excellence.

It now offers 76 renovated rooms, 2 Junior Suites, a cozy banquet area and a restaurant with a wide choice of international dishes. Rooms offer all the contemporary amenities that a traveler may wish for.

Surrounded by the National Assembly, City Hall and Pionirski Park, Hotel Excelsior Beograd makes an ideal choice for both leisure and business travelers. Innovative and modern in its approach to business, yet still traditional in its spirit.

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Kneza Milosa 5
Belgrade, 11000, Serbia
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